Naruto 657 – Naruto 657 English Scans

I don’t see how Madara in the new chapter Naruto 657 will be posted here soon. After that, you can read the most awaited naruto manga 657 release by mangastream here on Come again for more naruto chapter 657 online.
serves this function in any way better than Obito who we’ve had personal dealings with for several HUNDRED chapters – or Sauske himself who we have known since the beginning of the whole freaking story. Heck – even Orochimaru would have served the role better. Anything Madara can do (as a character) would have been better accomplished with a different character. That’s IMO obviously, but I just don’t see Madara bringing anything to the table.

naruto 657

naruto 657

About the lack of sealing techniques from Hashirama, although I agree it does strike me as very strange, I can think of 2 possible theories why he may lack them.

1 – Sealing is actually much harder than we give it credit for. Perhaps it is like genjutsu, where only a few people are actually able to perform it satisfactorily. Both sealing techniques and genjutsu can be insanely OP – it is likely that these would be skills villages go out of their way to instil in their graduates. This could be a reason why we have not heard of many genjutsu or sealing experts (and those we know are very powerful ninjas).

2 – Perhaps Hashirama can perform sealing jutsu, it is just that the jutsu he knows are not of a high enough level to seal the ET Madara. Although it seems strange that Sai would know stronger sealing techniques than Hashirama, Sai does come from Root – and Danzou did show some pretty impressive sealing techniques. It could be that Root specializes in such techniques and tactics.

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