Naruto 665 Raw – Naruto 665 Spoiler

Naruto isn’t getting rinnegan, he won’t be good with it,naruto 665 naruto can only rasengan anything and that’s all, someone as skilled as sasuke will do better than naruto as the younger and older brother, naruto is about the body..


naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665


It had an effect, the effect was clear. He wasn’t moving. Hashirama believing it is only further support. You’re arguing something that goes against the grain, and the only argument you’re putting forward is that he could without any justification. There wasn’t any evidence that he could get free, and there wasn’t any reason for him to allow himself to end up in such a position, yet you continue to argue for such a thing. These questions about Madara’s unaccounted for actions don’t change any of that.And yet every time Madara popped out a new trick, whether it was MS, EMS, or Kurama, Hashirama won anyway. And what does taking on Oonoki and Muu have to do with taking on an entire village? Being mobile enough to place eyes in a kid is far removed from laying siege to an entire village.Yet they were as focused on him as ever. Hashirama was there, along with a host of shinobi. And if he was so untouchable as you’ve suggested, then it wouldn’t make any difference. Activated his plan? Obito remained on a rampage with considerable strength. The activation of his plan was absolutely nothing. And yes it mattered, because he needed to be revived, if Obito was dead he’d be a long way from that.

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